Welcome to the website of the MCD-project. MCD stands for Mosquito Contamination Device and that is exactly the goal of this project to develop A low cost Mosquito Contamination Device (MCD) for sustainable malaria mosquito control. 

We envision the MCD as a device that can effectively lure, infect and contaminate malaria mosquitoes in tropical field settings. Our target is a MCD that can offer a novel way to combat mosquitoes in resource-poor settings where there is no power or great infrastructure present yet. 

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News updates

7500 people protected against malaria

The MCD project in Tanzania’s Kilombero Valley is same day loans progressing well. As of January 2015, more than 1300 houses have been modified and now offe ...

Funded by

The MCD project has received community research funding from the European Community’s Seventh Framework Programme as a collabarative project under grant agreement No.306105 (Project MCD).


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