Anophelines are increasingly feeding outdoors and early in the evening where they evade current control tools. We, therefore, developed Outdoor MCDs, which are small, portable devices that can be placed outdoors near houses or cattle sheds where they can benefit from the odours emitted from these sources. Our MCD designs include a black heat-releasing bottle device targeting host-seeking mosquitoes and a water-filled outdoor device, designed to target resting and ovipositing anopheline mosquitoes.

Outdoor MCDs utilise passive-release of odour lures to augment attraction in a low-cost and low-tech way. The water-filled MCD exploits mosquito attraction to water and can be particularly useful during the dry season. Outdoor MCDs use minimal amounts of insecticides via point-source application instead of area-wide fogging. Outdoor placed devices also minimize human exposure and enable the use of a broad range of (novel) chemicals and bioactives.

  • Targets resistant anophelines with modified outdoor biting behaviour
  • Designs include low-tech, portable and user-friendly point-source devices
  • Minimises human exposure to the vector control agents
  • Exploits mosquito attraction via inclusion of passive-release odour lures
  • Can be used outdoors, complementary to current vector control