We are focusing on 3 types of MCDs.

Smart Patches can provide a cheap alternative to full long-lasting insecticide-treated bednets (LLINs) but can also be used to bolster the efficacy of LLINs. An attractive but small insecticide-treated patch on top of the bednet can reduce the amount of chemicals needed and minimise human exposure. 

Eave Tubes are low-tech tools that work passively (no daily handling like bednets is needed) and can provide protection to the entire household. They utilize the most attractive stimulant present in nature: human smells, and provide a precision-targeted use of insecticides away from direct human contact.

Outdoor MCDs have the potential to target outdoor biting vectors. With insecticide resistance and mosquito behavioural changes being a huge problem in malaria-endemic countries, additional tools that have an impact outdoors are much needed.

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