Smart patch results

We obtained impressive Smart Patch results. Experimental work in the laboratory with patches of different sizes and impregnation resulted in a patch as small as 45 x 22.5 cm that could kill up to 80% of the mosquitoes released in an experimental room overnight.  Under semi-field conditions such patches resulted in 62% kill of released mosquitoes overnight. More tests with combination products (patches treated with novel insecticides on top of pyrethroid-impregnated bednets)  will be performed in areas with insecticide-resistant mosquitoes.

Eave Tube results

Eave Tubes yielded exciting results from the start. We observed that on average 80% of the 200 released mosquitoes fly into the tubes and enter the experimental hut. Use of deltamethrin-impregnated netting on the tubes obtained an average kill of 58% overnight, and 1% bendiocarb in powder form killed 67% of the mosquitoes. We installed Eave tubes in 23 houses in a local Tanzanian village, and monitored gauze efficacy over time.
So far, the insecticide-dusted gauze is still killing 100% of mosquitoes even after 7 months. Tube installment together with window screening was shown to make local houses mosquito-proof; we observed an indoor reduction in mosquito catch of 85-90% (using CDC light traps). Currently, we have started a field trial in Tanzania and will install tubes in 1200 houses. The first 50 houses have been completed early August 2014. 

Results with Outdoor MCDs

Two Outdoor MCD designs are being tested under semi-field and field conditions in Tanzania. The first design targets host-seeking mosquitoes with odour lures in a black heat-releasing device. Results showed that the passive odour attractant effectively lured anopheline mosquitoes and enticed landing; killing large proportions in a semi-field setting.
The second design targets resting and gravid stages of mosquitoes. The water-filled device was shown to attract resting anophelines and egg-laying Culex mosquitoes, which are a major nuisance species in the region. More field tests and attraction augmentations are ongoing.

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