The MCD project started in December 2012 and will run until December 2015. A productive Kick-off meeting in Tanzania in February 2013 resulted in a set of innovative MCD ideas. During the first months, we developed effective dry powder gauze applications and attractive MCD designs (including visual and odour-based stimuli). Earlier than anticipated, we were able to test some of these devices under tropical conditions in Tanzania. We streamlined our efforts during our second meeting, in September 2013, where we selected 3 MCD designs based on the progress and advice by our External Advisory Board:

  1. Smart Patch: a novel indoor tool that is an add-on to bednets and minimizes the use of insecticides
  2. Eave Tube: a tool at the interface of the in-/outdoor environment that provides house level protection
  3. Outdoor MCDs: a tool that can target outdoor-biting vectors 
These MCDs were further optimized by efficient use of our laboratory set-ups, screenhouse compartments and field settings in Tanzania. We were able to demonstrate proof-of concept for all 3 prototypes and achieved high mosquitocidal impacts with the Smart Patch and Eave Tubes. During the second half of the Project, we will focus on (semi-)field impact studies in Tanzania and other malaria-endemic countries for Demonstration purposes. We have started rolling out an intervention with Eave Tubes in a village of 1200 households in the Kilombero valley.
We have protected the IP generated by filing patents for the coating, Eave Tubes, and Smart Patches. Our innovations were submitted for advice and recommendation by the Vector Control Advisory Group of the World Health Organization in November 2013. We started negotiations with several potential stakeholders, including a Tanzania-based company that has expressed interest in moving the Smart Patch and Eave tube concept to market. As a Consortium we aim to have at least one of these interventions available for wide-scale uptake by the end of the project.

project months66,67%
achieved deliverables75,00%
achieved milestones50%

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