One of the components of a full project proposal, next to the division in work packages (WPs), is to provide an indication of the deliverables (D) and milestones (M), which are specific verifiable predicted outcomes of the project, per work package (WP). (For more information in the various work packages click here.)

Below the deliverables (D) and Milestones (M) are written down per WP. Their descriptions are written inside the bar that visualises the progress. A full colourred bar inidicates that the deliverable/milestone has been achieved. Behind the description, in brackets, the starting month and month in which it should be finished are given.

WP1: Management

D: Signed consortium agreement (Month 0-1)100%
D: Advisory Board (Month0-2)100%
M: Kick-off meeting project (Month 0-2)100%
M: Mid-term report (Month 18)100%
M: Final report (Month 36)80%

WP2: Infectants & Contaminants

D: Prototype Fungus & PPF product (Month 0-12)100%
M: Delivery efficient fungus & PPF combination for MCD (Month 11-24)100%
D: Proof of long-lasting fungus-PPF combination (Month 11-32)50%

WP3: Attractive Device

D: Ranked stimulus & materials list (Month 0-3)100%
M: Delivery 4-8 functional point source devices (Month 3-24)100%
M: Delivery effective passive-release odour lures (Month 3-24)100%
M: Production of (lab-) effective MCD prototypes (Month 11-24)100%

WP4: Integration MCD components

D: Semi-field system built (Month 0-18)100%
D: Ethical clearance field trials Tanzania (Month 24-30)100%
D: semi-field effective prototypes (Month 0-24)100%
M: Delivery MCD with high & long-lasting efficacy in semi-field (Month 24-36)50%
M: Integrated push-pull impact assessments (Month 32-36)0%

WP5: MCD demonstration

D: Demonstration MCD efficacy in 3 semi-field locations (Month 30-36)33%
M: Field demonstration of MCD in 3 locations(Month 32-36)33%

WP6: Dissemination

D: Project Website online (Month 0-3)100%
D: Training sessions/work visits (Month12-24)100%
D: International conference & Scientific publications (Month 30-36)25%
M: High impact website (Month 30-36)100%
M: Strategy MCD exploitation (Month 30-36)40%

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