7500 people protected against malaria

The MCD project in Tanzania’s Kilombero Valley is same day loans progressing well. As of January 2015, more than 1300 houses have been modified and now offer  protection against malaria mosquitoes. The windows in these houses have been screened with netting material, the doors have been repaired as much as possible, and Eave tubes with netting treated with insecticide have been installed. Some 40 local craftsmen from Lukolongo village have been trained to install the tubes, and an average of 100 houses can now be completed in a week. This shows that the technology is simple, can be adopted locally and executed by local craftsmen. Indoor catches of mosquitoes have shown a decline of 85-90% of malaria mosquitoes, and we have now shown that the netting inside the Eave tubes is capable of killing all mosquitoes contacting it for a full seven months!

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