The MCD project is supported financially by a research subsidy from the European Union’s Framework 7 Health Innovation initiative. Framework 7 (FP7) is the EU’s main instrument for scientific and technological cooperation in Europe with a budget of 53 thousand million €, funding basic and market oriented research, applied development and fellowships. It supports all types of research activities carried out by different research bodies in trans-national cooperation and supports collaborative projects across the European Union and beyond.

The Health Innovation initiative falls under the EU Cooperation programme, which aims to gain or consolidate leadership in key scientific and technology areas and supports multicultural, transdisciplinary projects that unite partners from different countries and professional backgrounds for the development of high quality knowledge.

The objective of the FP7 Health initiative is to address global health issues, improve the health of European citizens and boost the competitiveness of health-related industries and businesses. One key priority is the translation of research for human health - making sure that basic discoveries have practical benefits and improve the quality of life. This is the main objective of the MCD project – to develop a useful tool against malaria mosquitoes that will actually reach the citizens in need.  

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