The MCD project has an External Advisory Board (EAB) to provide advice and guidance. The EAB members participate in the annual project meetings and provide advice on the research activities, project approach and overall strategy, and assistance in the appropriate steps needed for obtaining the necessary ethical approvals. We selected a group of EAB members with complementing expertises and different backgrounds:


A scientific expert affiliated to the Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC) who runs their R&D operations and product developments.

David Malonescientific expert

A renowned Tanzanian vector control scientist with links to the National Istitute for Medical Research (NIMR) with extensive expertise in field studies and ethical regulations.

Leonard Mboeravector control scientist

An experienced scientist at the company Suterra, who has experience with mosquito traps, lure formulations & production.

An experienced scientist from the Cairns Public Health Unit in Australia with expertise in the use of pyriproxyfen  (the first showing Dengue control impacts with PPF in Peru) and leader of the autodissemination research project at study IHI, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

An olfaction specialist from the Swedish University of Agricultural Science with expertise in mosquito attractants (for for Aedes and Anopheles) and experience with large-scale international projects.

Rickard Ignellolfaction specialist

Cornelia van der Weele:  Professor of humanistic philosophy at Wageningen University with extensive expertise in research ethics.

Cornelia van der WeeleProfessor of humanistic philosophy

Professor of Philosophy at Wageningen University and Chair of Philosophy specialized in ethical and philosophical questions in public health research.

Marcel VerweijProfessor of Philosophy

At later stages we will invite more members to join our Advisory Board, in particular experts from interested organizations, industrial partners and end user representatives, to incorporate their knowledge on the MCD product development and marketing strategies.

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